Chocolate Logistics

Logistics for global chocolate manufacturer Logistic delivery solutions for global chocolate manufacturer in NYC A themed tourist attraction with visitor centers located around the world required temperature-controlled shipping and delivery for their chocolate and fragile souvenir products. dfYOUNG created a customized solution to meet their near-daily delivery. Project main goals The Client replenishes its visitors’ …

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The Automotive Group

The Automotive Industry Action Group The Automotive Industry Action Group: supply chain goals The automotive global supply chain touches nearly every other industry, including steel, plastics, textiles, electronics, and more. As scrutiny of human rights practices in other industries heated up, the automotive sector knew it could soon become a target if it did not …

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Imported products

Imported products Logistics Case Study Rubber products manufacturer uses Moovit FTZ to improve cash flow This major manufacturer makes rubber products for a wide range of uses, including supermarket check-out counters, package handling, and exercise equipment. The company imports raw material from overseas into the port in Norfolk, VA. So we used Moovit customer service …

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